Coronavirus has decimated the hospitality industry. This is an industry disproportionately made up of seasonal workers, hard-working visa holders, casual employees, students and young people — all the groups that have been left out of the government stimulus package.

The CoVid-19 E.A.D. Initiative produces a range of chef-cooked, pre-packaged meals which are then distributed via contact-less delivery (from a 20km radius of the Melbourne CBD). All meals are free of charge.

Despite some hospitality workers returning to work, many others are struggling. The number of people who are at the end of their means is continuing to grow and we need community help to keep cooking.

These are the cooks who miss their kids’ soccer training to work late into the evening for your weeknight trivia-Parma night.

These are the waiters who stay two hours after the kitchen shuts and everyone else goes home, so that you, the last table in the venue, can stay and enjoy that extra bottle of wine.

These are the baristas who you drop in on every morning on your way back from the gym who know exactly what class you’ve just come out of.

The bartender who knows your partner’s name and the title of your latest project; the kid doing dishes into the night saving for his gap year.

The bussies who swept up the third glass you dropped on the dance floor on a Saturday.

The security guards who knew what you meant when you “asked for Angela.”

Also the management who cried through their reply to your latest google review.

Those who would do anything to be able to work from home, or have some way to make an income — but there’s just not enough jobs at Aldi for everyone.

There’s a sense of helplessness that comes from being told “it’s time for you to go home”, when there are no flights home, and your nest is here.

We would like to help feed our community.

CoVid-19 E.A.D. is delivering between 1,250–2,000 meals per week to unemployed hospitality workers, offering some relief and support in the form of chef-prepared, pre-packaged meals and essential care packs.

If you’re able to donate, twenty dollars will provide meals for a hospo worker in need for five weeks. 

Help us serve your servers.


If you wish to donate, details are below. Thanks to our auspice relationship with Scarf, all donations to CoVid-19 E.A.D over $2 are fully tax deductible and a receipt will be provided following your donation. All funds are used to purchase, prepare and deliver food and essential supplies.

You can direct deposit (bank transfer) using these details:
Account Name: COVID-19 EAD
BSB: 313 140
Account: 1226 6427
Bank: Bank Australia

Note: If you require a tax receipt, please email us at covid19ead@gmail.com and we will email one to you (we’re still working with the techo elves to have this donation receipt thing become all automatic!)